A Profession for All-Round Talents.

The profession of a specialist tax assistant is an occupation with a future and varied prospects. Specialist tax assistants are like the right hand of the tax consultants. They are the qualified staff in tax consultancy firms. They support the firm’s owners by preparing client documentation to be dealt with by the tax consultant. This is precisely what makes the profession so interesting. Financial accounting, balance sheets and wage and salary accounting form part of the work, along with the examination of tax assessment notices or the technically correct handling of tax declarations. The clients come from trade and industry, craftsmanship, the sphere of the free professions and other service industries, but can also be employees or pensioners, so the tasks of a specialist tax assistant are varied and interesting.

Communication skills are naturally important for training as a specialist tax assistant. A basic understanding of IT is also important because tax firms use modern electronic data processing technology. Applicants should also be capable of good oral and written expression and be able to record facts and circumstances swiftly and precisely. Not least, specialist tax assistants must always be willing to engage in further professional education. There are enough opportunities for this and even the chance to undertake further training to become a tax professional. In addition, there is the opportunity to sit the tax consultants’ examinations after seven to ten years of practical experience.